6 Things We Hope We Smell During The Watch 'N Sniff Honey Boo Boo Episode


Honey-boo-boo-071513Have you picked up your Watch 'n Sniff card for this Wednesday's very special Smell-o-vision episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo? They were available in the July 5 issue of People magazine and you can pick one up at select Time Warner Centers.

The exact smells in this episode haven't been revealed yet, so we're going to take a gander at what we think might be found under those six mystery scratch n' sniff stickers...

Farts. So many fart smells. Every family member probably has a special fart smell, and it might be difficult to figure out which one to use, but we are definitely expecting a fart or two in the mix.

Sketti: For those of us who don't eat Sketti on the regular, we're wondering, what does this heady mix of butter, ketchup and pasta smell like? Roses, we bet.

Forklift foot: Come on, June's forklift foot probably has a signature sent, right?

Glitzy the pig or Nugget the chicken: The family pets have a flavor all their own!

Cheese Balls: A family favorite snack. A delicious treat. An orange-tinted cheese-dusted dream.

Guess Who's Breath, Breath: The family's favorite game involves breathing into each other's faces, so we could totally imagine that'll make the Watch 'n' Sniff cut.

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