July 2013

What Are Your Favorite Parenting Rules To Break?


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It's summer, the kids are out of school and off their typical schedules. And that's why right now, says The Stir writer and mom Sarah Bernard, is a great time to break some of your well-worn parenting rules. What does Bernard recommend? Well how about shaking up some of the hard and fast rules around eating and sleeping. For instance, if you're a mom who says you absolutely must finish your veggies before dessert, surprise your kids with ice cream or a popsicle in the afternoon for no reason at all. Have set bedtimes your kids have to conform to? Let them stay up one night a bit later than usual, and even better, let them set up a tent or a sleeping bag in other spots in the house. 

Bernard's reasoning is that kids will appreciate you more because you've given them permission to do something wacky and allowed them to indulge in something unexpected. And that, ostensibly, will encourage them to follow your rules the rest of the time.

Is this something you put into practice with your kids? What's your favorite summertime rule breaking move? Share with us in the comments, and don't forget to watch Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Wednesdays at 9/8 c. 

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Check Out Kelly Clarkson's Utterly Adorable Engagement Photo


Singer Kelly Clarkson (who happened to appear on last week's season premiere of Who Do You Think You Are?) was over the moon when she and fiance talent manager Brandon Blackstock decided to tie the knot, and ever since then, Clarkson's been furiously preparing for her October wedding. Back in February, she'd already even picked out her dress: "[It] is my personality in a dress. It's sweetly damaged. A little rock and roll. A little tattered. Nothing like a princess thing!" she told People magazine. 

Now, we've gotten what we think may be a sneak peek of the gown, in all it's "tattered" glory. On Thursday, Clarkson tweeted an engagement photo of herself all dolled up in the dress. Shot by married photographers Terrilyn and Koby Brown, Clarkson is pictured sweetly reading a book, with her shoes off and her hair mussed. Sounds like our kind of girl. Check it out:

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"Breaking Amish: Los Angeles" Star Matthew Bristol On His Fashion Future


Matthew Bristol grew up in a Mennonite community from the time he was 7 years old. On the debut season of Breaking Amish: Los Angeles Matthew joins fellow questioning Amish folks Betsy, Iva, Devon, Lizzie and Andrew as they explore the English world. Matthew is a budding fashion designer, who's hoping to explore his interest in design while in L.A. On a recent HuffPost Live segment, Matt talked about what it was like to live in an alternate, English, universe. 



Being on the show, said Matthew, "actually brought me closer to God." As for whether or not he'll return to his Mennonite community back in Pennsylvania, well, anything's possible, though, "fashion is my first passion," he admits. 

Catch Matthew, and the rest of the Breaking Amish: Los Angeles crew, Sunday nights at 10/9 c.  

Marry Me, Maybe? A Carly Rae Jepsen Wedding Flashmob


You're not over the song of last summer, "Call Me, Maybe," are you? Good. And wedding flash mobs? Still digging those, right? Because Jesse Draper and Brian MacIness have got one heck of a Carly Rae Jepsen wedding flash mob for you. Draper, I guess, really really loves that song, and also has no problem being a total goofball in front of friends and family -- and she somehow even convinced her parents to get involved.

Did you catch all 7,000 bridesmaids? If you need a bridesmaid fix, tune in Fridays at 10/9 to Say Yes To The Dress: Bridesmaids [YouTube]

Cute Couple Turns Movie Posters Into Wedding Invitations


Rachel and Joshua Watson wanted to something a little different than the typical wedding announcement and engagement photos. So Joshua, a photographer, and Rachel, who works in film and television, got together with their photographer friend, Jordan Nakamura, to create a series of movie- and tv-themed wedding announcements and invitations.


Reception (after Inception) and Don't Miss Dinner (after Little Miss Sunshine)

"We wanted our engagement and wedding to be the first time we actually collaborated and created something together," said Joshua.

Click through for a couple more from Joshua and Rachel.

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103-Year-Old Woman Goes On Bucket List Shopping Spree


Maude Harlow lives in a hospice facility called Passages, about 60 miles southeast of Chicago. The 103-year-old had never made it to Chicago, though, and her hospice caregivers wanted to give her the chance to check it off her bucket list. Maude had a pretty simple request: Go to Chicago and shop for a new purse at one of the city's best department stores. A woman after our own heart!

So Passages' Hospice Dreams program, which grants wishes to end-of-life patients, paired up with Macy's to offer Maude a shopping spree. "Can you imagine this woman?" said Kansas Swain, who escorted Maude through her fun-filled shopping day (which also included meeting the mayor). "A hundred and three. Never been to Chicago, never window-shopped, and this is her last wish. It doesn't get any sweeter, any more human than that. As her hospice provider, we want to make sure that we grant her last wish." [DNA Info]


Couple Turns Aurora Movie Theater Tragedy Into Happy Anniversary


Aurora, Colorado, couple Kristen Davis and Eugene Han spent July 20, 2012, anticipating attending the premiere of the latest Batman movie. They couldn't have known that shooter James Holmes would be there waiting for them -- or how much it would change their lives. Holmes opened fire on the unsuspecting movie-goers, leaving more than a dozen people dead and 70 people injured. Han was one of them.

When Holmes began shooting, he threw himself tto the ground and told her not to move. It was in protecting Davis that Han was shot in the hip and then the knee. When Holmes' gun jammed, the couple and their friends decided to make a run for it.

"His gun jammed and I heard a clicking noise so I told her, 'If we leave, we need to leave right now,'" Han told ABC News. Han, Davis and their friends made it out, and Han was treated for his injuries. He's spent the last year in physical therapy recovering.

The shooting had a profound effect on the couple's relationship. "We were still dating and I was planning on proposing even before [the shooting] but I never had the chance to," he said. "When the theater shooting happened, that's when I was like, I really need to do this because you don't know what's going to happen after tomorrow."

On July 20, 2013, a year after the tragedy, Han and Davis were married, creating a happy memory to replace the sadness of the Aurora shooting. "That way we can make good memories,"said Davis, "and start a new chapter of our lives, rather than allowing this memory from a year ago to stick with us every single year."

[ABC News]

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What Should William & Kate Name Their Baby?


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We are heavily on Royal Baby Watch over here, and are anticipating the moment when the new baby will finally make its debut. The Duchess of Cambridge went into labor Monday morning, and royal watchers are going gaga over the new baby's arrival.

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But will it be a boy or girl? Odds are on a girl, based on superstition, and little hints the Prince and Princess have given throughout the pregnancy. And apparently the world wants the couple to have a girl, too (now that changes in succession rules have made it possible for first-born girl children to ascend the throne. And bookies are even taking bets on the baby's name. So far, top choices appear to be Victoria, Elizabeth or Diana if its a girl, and William, Charles, Philip and George if its a boy. A few daring, if financially irresponsible souls have even put their money on Barack (200 to 1) and Elvis (500 to 1).

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There are even a smattering of family names that might be up for contention, including Permelia, Grissel, Honor and Hyacinthe. Her Royal Highness Hyacinthe does have a nice ring.

But what do you think? What names would you pick?

[Huffington Post]

Wedding Nightmare: Bride's Sister Knocked Out Over A Piece Of Chicken




Karyssa Coleman's wedding ceremony went smoothly,. It was at the reception in Norfolk, England, that things went haywire. The bride's sister Krystel was punched by her uncle Curt Hughes. The kerfuffle was started when the best man cut in line to get a piece of chicken for his 11-year-old son. That upset Uncle Curt, and he set off a major brawl.


Let me remind you this was all over a piece of chicken.

Curt got so out of control, cursing out the wedding party, pushing and shoving and harassing Karyssa and Krystal's mother, that Krystal attempted to intervene. "I went over to Curt and said, 'What are you playing at? Leave my mum alone.' Then he punched me."

Krystal was out cold for more than 20 minutes from the hit. Someone finally called the authorities and ten police cars showed up to break up the brawl. Curt Hughes, who ironically is a former bouncer (paid to prevent incidents like the above from happening), was arrested on suspicion of assault.

Moral of the story: Think carefully about what relatives you invite to the wedding. And don't miss more wedding hijinks (set on the beautiful island of Vieques) on Wedding Island, debuting tonight at 10/9 c.

[The Sun]

TLC MASH: Your Life As A TLC Star


Mash-300x300Remember the childhood pen-and-paper game MASH? It would predict your future life (such as where you'd live: Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House -- which is where the acronym for its name comes from) using people you know, celebrities, dream jobs and dream cars. Remember? Well, we are here to help refresh your memory  with this modified MASH game.

Each of these short videos -- a.k.a. "Vines" -- explores what your life could be like with your favorite TLC stars. Just click the Vine to see what's going to happen to you! Remember no cheating, so we suggest closing your eyes before clicking each Vine.

Tell us what your results in the comments section below and on Facebook & Twitter!

What would your life be like if you were on TLC?

*Disclaimer: Vines may not work in all browsers. Please try in a different browser if you’re having trouble playing the MASH.

Where will you live?



What's your job?





What kind of car will you drive?




Who will you marry?




Where will you honeymoon?




How many kids will you have?



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