Wedding Trend: A No Cell Phone Ceremony



In our increasingly Internet-y age, it's harder and harder to find a spot free of cell phones and mobile technology. Look around you and there's likely someone Instagram-ing a photo, updating a Facebook status, or telling the world what they ate for lunch via Twitter. We have too much information about too many things coming from too many people.

Which may be why marrying couples are increasingly calling for guests to check their smart phones and cameras at the door.

A recent New York Times article chronicled the trend. More and more couple are employing cell phone attendees to keep guests away from the Internet during their special moment. The no-cell phone policy exists for a couple of reasons. One, for couples who really want their friends and families to concentrate on them for the day. But, two, because couples are increasingly wary of wedding information leaking online before they've had a chance to vet it.

What if, for example, a friend posts photos from the nuptials on his or her Facebook wall, flaunting their invitation to friends who may not have garnered an invite? Or what about a cousin who tweets about the best man's embarrassing alcohol-fueled speech? Amazingly, some things are better left un-tweeted.

Ironically, the no-phone, no-camera trend was also picked up by one of the world's most photographed and talked about celebs, Kim Kardashian. Guests were banned from using their cell phones during her 2010 nuptials to Kris Humphries. Of course, in that case, it was only so she could sell her officially sanctioned images to the tabloids herself.

Some marrieds have gone so far as to install "enforcers" at their nuptials, which seems a bit extreme to me. Does it really matter so much if Aunt Kelly takes a picture of the centerpiece? But what do you think? Does the no-cell phone/camera policy make sense? Would you want it at your wedding?

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