Beehives and Camouflage on All-New "DC Cupcakes" Special


Dc-cupcakes-get-tanked-300Heard of HonFest? It's an annual festival in Baltimore that celebrates over-the-top retro style and encourages attendees to don beehives, boas, bold '50s and '60s patterns and cat eye glasses. You don't have to be an old-fashioned housewife to be a Hon -- you just have to love a good time and the color pink! Katherine and Sophie fit the demographic and received a special invitation to participate in the HonFest pageant.

For the talent portion of the competition, they created a 6' cupcake Hon flamingo.The challenge wasn't easy, though. The sisters struggled to find the perfect shade of pink for their bird, and creating its feathers led to a heated discussion in the Georgetown Cupcake lab. Getting the bird from D.C. to Baltimore was another struggle. As the creation melted in the truck, Sophie, Katherine and Mommy had to get Hon makeovers. (Check out their beehives in this slideshow!) Did they sweep the competition with their new looks and impressive confection?

In typical Katherine/Sophie style, the busy sisters couldn't turn down a request for a big build -- especially when the client was the U.S. Army! The sisters committed to HonFest and a birthday celebration at the Pentagon just days apart. Besides the flamingo build, they dreamed up a giant cupcake tank for the Army's 237th birthday. This wouldn't be any ordinary cupcake tank (if there is such a thing!): It would be built to scale and would shoot cupcakes!

With mad genius Steve working on the tank's structure and firing mechanism, Katherine and Sophie were tasked with preparing camouflage fondant and more than 5,000 cupcakes to cover the tank. When the job seemed impossible, they called in the troops -- literally! But could Georgetown Cupcake and the U.S. Army finish this huge project in time?

Find out when DC Cupcakes: Get Tanked premieres Friday, June 14 at 7|6c!

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