"Little Couple" Adopts Daughter With Dwarfism


There's an old saying that good things come to those who wait. The "Little Couple", Bill Klein and Jen Arnold, have been patiently waiting to start a family since they were married five years ago. Now, the couple has been blessed with not just one, but two, adopted children.

The Little Couple announced this week that they have been granted the adoption of a little girl named Zoey. Like the Little Couple, Zoey has been diagnosed with a form of dwarfism.

Their wait has not been easy, with attepts at souragacy and some fertility issues, it is about time that good things are coming their way!

In a statement to People.com, the Little Couple said, "we're so delighted that Zoey will be joining our family and that William will have a little sister coming home very soon."

After deciding to adopt the 2-year-old William from China, the Little Couple recieved some information from the Little People of America organization that a child with dwarfism was up for adoption. 

Watch the videos below for more information on the adoption of their daughter Zoey.



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