"Cake Boss" Returns, "Bakery Boss" Premieres Memorial Day


Can't get enough Cake Boss? You're in luck! On Memorial Day, TLC's long-running series will return and along with it, we'll get a new Buddy Valastro show called Bakery Boss. With Bakery Boss, fans will get a chance to see Buddy in action as he provides valuable wisdom to a struggling bakery that needs help getting back on its feet.

Season 6 of Cake Boss picks up right after Hurricane Sandy devastated the New Jersey area that is home to Carlo's Bakery. The bakers find themselves without electricity and many orders to fulfill in despite the outage -- fans will see the crew doing their work in near darkness.

Meanwhile, Bakery Boss shows Buddy traveling to Frankfort, New York to visit the Friendly Bake Shop, an Italian-American bakery run by three generations of the Viti family. After 52 years, the Bake Shop is in need of a face lift. Buddy to the rescue! Or is he too late to save this beloved-but-struggling bakery? You'll have to tune in to find out.

Watch the Season 6 premiere of Cake Boss Monday, May 27th at 9|8c, followed immediately by the premiere of Buddy's brand-new show, Bakery Boss.

--Alex Zuckerman

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