You'll Never Believe How Megan Massacre Became A Tattoo Artist


Sometimes you don't find the right job, the right job finds you. That's exactly what happened to NY Ink and America's Worst Tattoo star Megan Massacre. As a teenager in Douglasville, Pennsylvania, Megan took an interest in tattoos, but when she found out how much an apprenticeship in the field would cost -- around $4,000 -- she gave up any hopes of pursuing a career.

Instead, Megan put her tattooing dreams on the backburner, finished up high school and took a smattering of community college classes. Still not sure what she ultimately wanted to do, Megan took a job in a furniture store. "The most boring job ever," she told Channel Guide magazine.

On a lark, she drove a coworker to a job interview at a local tattoo parlor. Her coworker happened to mention to the tattoo shop owner that her friend Megan was a talented artist. "The owner came out after her interview and said let’s see what you can do," she said. He instructed her to draw a variety of figures -- “draw a rose, draw some scrolls, draw a name. I drew all this stuff and they were really impressed." Megan's drawing skills impressed the shop owner so much that he asked her if she'd like to do a tattoo -- right then and there. "I was like, 'Are you serious?'"

Megan stepped up to the challenge and agreed. The shop owner set up his station and had an employee serve as her "skin." She tattoo a small name on the man and landed the shop apprenticeship right then and there. Good thing she did a decent job -- or that shop employee would have ended up with quite a "Massacre" mark!

These days, you can find her on Tattoo Thursdays on TLC -- every Thursday, starting at 9/8 c.


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