Something Borrowed, Something New: Courtney's Transformation


Bride-to-be Courtney recently lost more than 100 pounds, and she wants to show off her new, slimmer figure in a form-fitting gown. "I want the wedding to be classic vintage. My perfect wedding dress would be very form-fitting to show off my new body." Courtney and her fiance Chris have known each other since they were 14, and it was Chris's workouts that inspired Courtney to lose the extra pounds.

Courtney's mom Dawn really wants her to wear her wedding dress. It was the dress that her mother originally wore, and Dawn's attached the idea of passing the dress down to her daughter. But Courtney's not so sure. The dress is, she says, "not me." But both Courtney's mom and grandmother are pressuring her to pick the family heirloom. Will they win out?


To make the dress more Courtney-appropriate, Kelly decides to give the old dress a modern twist with a sweetheart neckline and a strapless frame. Meanwhile, Sam goes shopping with Courtney and Dawn, Courtney's sister Charissa and her grandmother Denise. Denise is just happy that Courtney is even considering wearing her dress. "I want my granddaughter to go her own course." Mom Dawn is not convinced. Still, Courtney happily picks a Casablanca Princess Sweetheart gown, which retails for $1,250.

Back in Kelly's studio, she's working on creating a dress that shows off Courtney's curves but keeps the integrity of the lace. And oh yeah, Dawn is pushing it real hard. But does Courtney like it? The response? "Oh my gosh!"

But which would you choose?



If you chose the Something New, you and Courtney are on the same page! That's what she went with, too!

--Julie Gerstein

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