Ask Sondra Celli: How Can I Bring Bling Into My Wardrobe?


Sondra_200_033013We're excited to have My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding designer extraordinaire Sondra Celli answering all of our most urgent bling fashion questions. Sondra is the queen of bling -- and knows how to take a look from so-so to sparkle-tastic. That's why she's the go-to designer for gypsy brides looking to make a bold statement. Sondra's motto is "it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that bling" and her award-winning work has been seen in publications such as Harpers Bazaar, New York Magazine and Vogue.

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Q: I'm new to bling fashion. What's an easy way to bring bling into my wardrobe?

Sondra says: An easy way to get started is to look for jewelry accent pieces to add to your wardrobe. You can find crystal jewelry at stores in the mall, second hand clothing stores, flea markets and yard sales, etc. You can add a brooch to secure a scarf or use as a closure for a bolero jacket or simple sweater. If it's a small brooch or pin, add it to a headband for some hair bling. You can even find some bling buttons and switch them out to sparkle up a dress or blouse. I have clients that are new to bling and for them instead of packing an item with Swarovski crystals, I merely sprinkle a few on the bodice of a dress or lightly trim a pair of heels. It never fails, the next time they want to place an order, they always want to add more bling!

Want some examples? Check out what we've found:


  1. Noir Rhinestone Cluster Earrings, $34.30
  2. Bee Charming Suede and Studded Rhinestone Friendship Bracelet, $38
  3. RJ Graziano Rhinestone Brooch, $45
  4. Rhinestone Cone Ring, $18
  5. 3-Row Stretch Rhinestone Bracelet, $14
––Julie Gerstein

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