Ask Sondra Celli: What's The Most Surprising Thing You've Learned About Gypsies?


Sondra_200_033013We're excited to have My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding designer extraordinaire Sondra Celli answering all of our most urgent bling fashion questions. Sondra is the queen of bling -- and knows how to take a look from so-so to sparkle-tastic. That's why she's the go-to designer for gypsy brides looking to make a bold statement. Sondra's motto is "it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that bling" and her award-winning work has been seen in publications such as Harpers Bazaar, New York Magazine and Vogue.

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Q: What's the most surprising thing you've learned about gypsies through working with them?

That the gypsies are extremely family-oriented with strong and loyal family ties.

Children are the
main focus in the parent’s lives. They want the very best for their kids and will often sacrifice to
give them just that. Extended family members are very much a part of this tight bond sharing a
strong pride in the family’s heritage.
A snapshot of Sondra's studio.


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--Julie Gerstein

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