TLC On The Scene with '19 Kids' at 'Anderson Live'



Molly Moran is a social media coordinator for TLC. She was asked to be the Anderson Live Blogger of the Day for the Duggar’s appearance on the show. 

The studio audience began to murmur as one by one each member of the Duggar family filed on to the set of Anderson Live. There were whispers of disbelief: “Are they really ALL from the same family?” “HOW many are there?” “I can’t believe how attractive they are!”

The Duggars joined guest co-hosts Judge Marilyn Milian and Jersey Shore star Vinny Guadagnino on Anderson Live to talk about their recent trip to Asia. But first, there was an exciting announcement—Josh and Anna are pregnant with their third child! A glowing Anna expressed her excitement and shared her experience of trying to navigate a drug store in Japan to find a pregnancy test. With this already enormous clan growing even bigger, Judge Marilyn asked Michelle Duggar the question on everyone’s mind: “How do you do it?”

“We’re a team,” replied Michelle, “the little guys adore the older ones and follow their lead. They want to be just like them. We are each others best friends.”

The co-hosts then opened up the conversation to the audience. People wanted to get the dirty details of the inner workings of this famous family. Who is the messiest? (Josie) Who gets in trouble the most? (Jackson, the youngest boy) Which Duggar child has a hidden talent? (Jinger—she’s a concert pianist!) One long-time 19 Kids & Counting fan admitted to being star-struck by Michelle “not because of her children, but because of what she does and how they respect each other.” Jim Bob assured her that they are not the perfect family—“we have the same problems…just 19 times over.”


After the commercial break, it was time to talk Asia. The Duggars recently went on a three-week adventure to Japan and China, an adventure that is being chronicled on TLC's 19 Kids & Counting: Duggars Do Asia. Jim Bob admitted that while he has done his fair share of traveling, this trip brought “culture shock to a whole new level.” Judge Marilyn then played a clip of the Duggars eating a traditional Japanese breakfast, which featured exotic foods like raw fish and octopus. The family reminisced on how Josie was frightened by the fish head, and how Jordyn, the second youngest Duggar, was by far the most adventurous eater. When asked what their favorite food was while they were there, Josh jokingly replied, “rice!” Judge Marilyn also wanted to know about traveling logistics. With so many children, packing is quite the undertaking. Jessa is the resident Duggar packer and left no detail unaccounted for. She spent five days making sure everyone had everything they needed—which included 150 shirts and 40 suitcases!

Before the end of the segment, Michelle gave some tips on how to handle sibling rivalry. As a young mother, she often felt as though she played the role of referee. She started working with the older children at an early age to learn to “talk sweetly to each other” to work out their differences. If that didn’t work, then they were allowed to come to her. Now “the big kids encourage the little ones” and teach them that most of their conflicts can be worked out amongst themselves.

See more of this incredible family as they make their way through China on 19 Kids & Counting: Duggars Do Asia Tuesday, March 26th at 9|8c.

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