Sondra Celli's Crystal Dressing Room Brings the Bling


Sondra-dressing-room-400x300Your favorite gypsy designer is back for an all-new season of My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding, premiering Sunday, March 24 9|8c. Sondra Celli will wow you with more unbelievable dresses -- topping even some of her most memorable designs from season one. Who could forget Priscilla's Queen of Hearts dress and party outfit? Or Annie's illuminated Snow Queen wedding gown? (See some of the best bling in this photo gallery!)

But something you won't see in the show is Sondra's one-of-a-kind dressing room at her studio in Waltham, Massachusetts. For Sondra, a day without Swarovski crystals is like a day without sunshine. To heighten her customers' experience at the studio, Sondra commissioned four of her "Blingettes" to apply more than 200,000 Swarovski crystals to a dressing room. Informally dubbed "the world's most expensive dressing room," it also features a curtain of cascading crystals in various sizes that hangs at the entrance to the room. Sondra estimates the cost of the space at $100,000.

See even more pictures of the dazzling space and other shots of Sondra's studio here. And be sure to catch the queen of bling in action when My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding premieres Sunday 9|8c!

Photo courtesy Sondra Celli Designs

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