Something Borrowed, Something New: Jenny's One Tough Customer


Bride-to-be Jenny is going to have a "down home elegant" wedding, and wants a dress that stands out. "I don't want the usual strapless dress that everyone wears," she says, of her wedding dress preferences. And surprise, surprise! Jenny's mom Judy wants her to show some skin (that hardly ever happens). But that doesn't mean finding a gown has been easy -- Jenny's already gone shopping three times and gone home empty-handed.

Mom Judy's dress has made quite the journey -- her mother designed the dress and had a tailor make it, and then shipped it over from Taiwan. "My mom passed away 2-1/2 years ago, so it would mean a lot to me if Jenny could wear my dress," she notes.

Do or Don't: Colorful Wedding Dresses

So what will Something Borrowed, Something New tailor extraordinaire Kelly do? Kelly wants to create a sweetheart neckline for her dress, and give the gown a modified fishtail, while also maintaining the integrity of the dress. And that leaves Jenny to go shopping with Sam.


Jenny's friends Ellen and Myan join her mom Judy in helping Jenny choose a new gown. "Jenny can be a perfectionist at times," notes friend Myan. Oh realllly? She hates the first dress Sam gives her, and the next three or 15 don't go any better. After trying on another 20 dresses, Jenny finds a Jasmine "trumpet illusion" gown that she actually likes! Score one for Sam!

Would You Want A Surprise Wedding?

But will the Jasmine gown win out over Kelly's custom creation? Let's compare!


Which would you choose?


Well, we won't leave you in suspense: Jenny picked her "Something Borrowed"! Tune in next Friday at 10/9 c for another great episode.

--Julie Gerstein

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