Something Borrowed, Something New: Jasmine's Family Drama, Katherine's Vintage Gown


Jasmine's a young, fun bride looking forward to her upcoming nuptials. Jasmine's mom Helga has other ideas. Helga was raised a strict Muslim, and wants her daughter to reflect her more conservative values, but Jasmine's not having any of it. After growing up in the Middle East, she rebelled against her parent's conservative values, and wants a wedding--and a dress--that reflects that.


How are Kelly and Sam going to please both mother and daughter? While Kelly works on transforming Helga's old gown into something modern, Sam takes Jasmine shopping. But it's not just Jasmine and her mom he's got to please -- there's also Jasmine's sister Tiffany. Tiffany, a dead ringer for Jennifer Lawrence, has a definite rocker edge, and wants to see her sister go totally wild on her big day.. That raises Sam's eyebrows an inch or two.

After a trying try on, Jasmine chooses a simple A-line gown from Winnie Couture. But will it win out over Kelly's modified, updated version of Helga's dress?



If you chose her "something borrowed," give yourself a pat on the back. You're right!

Now on to Katherine. Katherine's having a very New York wedding in Red Hook, Brooklyn. She likes dresses that are timeless and elegant. Her mother wants her to wear not her dress, but her grandmother's dress. Katherine's grandmother (on her dad's side) wore the cream-colored gown on her wedding day in 1942, but it's badly in need of an update.


Kelly plans on giving Katherine what she wants by removing some of the heavy silk of the gown and giving her a keyhole back. But will her construction win out over Sam's shiny new dress?

Sam meets Katherine and her mother -- along with her bridesman and dame of honor Danny and Sarah. Man, I want to be a dame of honor! Though her mother is advocating heavily for the "something borrowed" option, Katherine picks out a gorgeous $1350 Casablanca pleated satin gown. It looks great out on her, but will it win out over Kelly's newly altered vintage gown?



Score another win for Kelly! Katherine picked her updated "something borrowed" dress.

Tune in this week for an all new Something Borrowed, Something New, Friday at 10/9 c.

--Julie Gerstein

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