Something Borrowed, Something New: Aisha's A Stunning Lady In Red


Well this isn't something you see every day: A red wedding dress? but Aisha isn't your typical bride. And she isn't bringing her mom's dress to Something Borrowed, Something New. Instead, her future-sister-in-law Amburr has lovingly offered Aisha the opportunity to wear her old gown. "I kind of just wanted to be a part of it," she admits. "I know it's not traditional, but nothing about our family is traditional."

And what about Aisha's wedding wishes? Well you'll never believe her inspiration: The movie Burlesque. Yes, the one starring Christina Aguilera. As such, she's hoping for a colorful dress. A red dress, even.

After Kelly promises to go at Amburr's white Monique Lhuillier wedding gown with a few dozen bottles of RIT red, Sam is tasked with the near-impossible job of finding a red dress. In a burlesque-style. Poor Sam.


But actually? He doesn't do a terrible job! Aisha and Amburr are joined by Aisha's sister Apollina and mom Coya. Coya is not thrilled by the idea of her daughter walking down the aisle in a red dress. "It doesn't feel like a wedding without the white dress."

Still, the wedding show must go on. And Aisha goes with a Farage Paris gown with va-va-voom.


Meanwhile, Kelly unveils Amburr's remade dress. Only it looks nothing like the original. It's red, for one. And it's got lots of tulle! Which dress should Aisha pick?


After weighing both options, Aisha went with (drumroll please)...her something new gown! Mazel tov, Aisha!

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