Introducing Tattoo Thursdays! Catch Up With NY Ink And America's Worst Tattoos


Tattoos, they last a lifetime, which is great if you're trying to commemorate a lost loved one, or a special moment. Not so great if you're an impulsive type with a desire to decorate your delicate parts with a shamrock. But that's where the folks of "America's Worst Tattoos" come in. They're in the business of turning that lumpy, faded butterfly into a bonafide work of art. Starting Thursday, April 4 at 9 pm, expert tattoo artists Tim Pangburn, Jeremy Swan and NY INK’s Megan Massacre take on the big mistakes and turn 'em into masterpieces.

Megan Massacre and Jeremy Swan repair disasterous tats on "America's Worst Tattoos."

Want more ink? Check out NY Ink, returns on Thursday, April 4 at 10 pm. Join Ami James and his team at the Wooster Street Social Club as they spill ink and share stories. The crew's grown in international flavor, too. This season will feature Brazilian Rodrigo “Hot Rod” Canteras, Argentine Lee Rodriguez, Aussie Mike Diamond, Japanese Yoji Harada and born-and-raised New Yorker Jes Leppard. And don't worry: in between tattoos, there's plent of drama, too.

Don't miss all the ink action on TLC's new Tattoo Thursdays, starting April 4 at 9pm.

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