An Upset Stomach Turns Into The Surprise Birth Of A 10-Pound Baby Girl



There's surprises -- like an impromptu birthday party, or a run-in with a long lost friend at a coffee shop around the corner. And then there are surprises. Take the completely unexpected surprise Jackson, Michigan, resident Linda Ackley experienced last week. The 44-year-old unexpectedly gave birth to a health 10-pound baby girl named Kimberly Kay. She had just 15 hours to prep for the birth -- an especially remarkable thing considering she'd previously been told she couldn't have children. 

As any fan of I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant can tell you, diagnoses of infertility often mean nothing. Ackley had been told she had a hernia, and when she went to the doctor for abdominal pain, it was revealed the the hernia was actually a pregnancy. Kimberly Kay, Ackley told the Jackson Citizen Patriot, "is our miracle baby." 

In fact, the time span between the discovery of the pregnancy and Kimberly's birth was so swift that Ackley's husband Mike wasn't able to be there, and was told the news of his daughter's birth over the phone. “Some people have nine months to prepare. I had [15] hours,” he said. “I wish someone would have taken a picture of my face.”

The couple is thrilled with their new, unexpected daughter, and her birth couldn't have come at a more opportune time. Just two months ago, Ackley's mother succumbed to cancer. And in February 2011, Ackley came down with an acute case of necrotizing fasciitis, a bacterial infection that put her in a week-long coma.

For Ackley and her husband, the surprise birth of their daughter is nothing short of a miracle. “I got to get used to saying mommy,” said Ackley.

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