Something Borrowed, Something New: Jaime's Indecision


On the debut episode of the new TLC show Something Borrowed, Something New, we met a bride with a serious decision making process. Jaime, a Baltimore Ravens' cheerleader, and an indecisive bride-to-be who's tried on more than a hundred dresses. Surprisingly, it's Jamie's dad Jim, not her mom Kathy, that wants Jamie to wear her mother's dress. Dress designer Kelly has a lot of chiffon on her hands, but believes that she can transform Kathy's dress into something magical. But bridal stylist Sam is equally convinced that he can find Jamie a great new dress at Winnie Couture Bridal Salon in Beverly Hills. Which dress will prevail?



Which dress do you think Jaime should pick?
So which did she pick? In the end, despite her father's best attempts to convince her otherwise, Jaime went for Sam's choice! So far, that means the score is Sam: 1, Kelly: 0. Tune in next Friday at 10|9 c to see if Kelly can even up the score!


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