Something Borrowed, Something New: Amy's Antique Dress & Lauren's Indecision


On Friday night's episodes of Something Borrowed, Something New, we met two brides-to-be with two very different problems. Bride Amy is in dire need of a wedding dress -- her big day is just 6 weeks away and she still hasn't figured out what she's wearing. In fact, the only dress she's tried on is her mom's old dress, which is a hundred year old family heirloom.


It's a beautiful garment, but it desperately needs to be updated. Kelly wants to get rid of the sleeves and fix up the train.

Meanwhile, over in Sam-land, Amy's given him a $1000 budget and asked him to come up with something that she, her mom and her opinonated friend Louellen all like. Shouldn't be too hard, but you'd be surprised.

Finally, they reach a decision. And Sam's choice goes head to head with Kelly's newly updated family heirloom. Which should she choose?


If you picked Amy's "Something Borrowed," pat yourself on the back: so did she!

But what about Lauren? If you thought Amy was unprepared after only trying on one dress, then Lauren's got her beat by a mile. Lauren hasn't tried on any dresses at all. She's like a modified A-line, and doesn't want a mermaid dress. Her mom thinks she's got the answer: her 1980s high-necked lace A-line dress. Sam thinks it's seen better days, but Kelly thinks she can work it into something special. Let's just see what we're talking about here:


Not soooo bad. Or as bad as we've seen, anyway.


While Kelly's working on fixing that neckline situaiton, Sam takes Lauren shopping for a new dress. And actually? Despite her mother's earlier protestations that she must absolutely wear her old dress, she seems almost won over by Lauren's "new dress" choice.

But which will Lauren choose?


If you picked "something new," you'd be correct!

Don't miss two all new back to back episodes of Something Borrowed, Somethine New, Friday February 22 at 10/9 c!

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