Something Borrowed, Something New: Bridgette Goes From Day To Evening, Gina's Dad Dilemma


This week on Something Borrowed, Something New, we meet bridal blogger Bridgette and her mom Oddie. Oddie got married in a private ceremony -- just herself, her husband and a minister, so her dress is a bit less blingy than most. Instead of a froofy gown, Oddie wore a tasteful two-piece shift dress and jacket. Oddie is hoping Kelly can transform her classy suit into a gorgeous gown -- but it'll take a lot of work!


Kelly plans to give Bridgette a modified mermaid silhouette, that shows off her curves, but gives her enough room to move.

While Kelly's slaving away over a sewing machine, Sam takes Bridgette and her friends Iesha and La Tressa shopping. They've got $3,500 to spend, and Sam gives Bridgette the princess treatment -- so much so that she ends up picking a Jasmine Couture princess-style gown for her "Something New" option.


Mom was not thrilled with Bridgette "Something New" choice, but what do you think?


Well, much to mom Oddie's relief, Bridgette chose her mom's updated gown -- which thrilled both Bridgette and Kelly.

The next episode of Something Borrowed, Something New has a twist -- rather than a dress obsessed mom, Gina has a father who hopes his daughter will wear the dress worn by both his mother and sister.

But what does Gina think of the sleeved-satin gown? The dress isn't really her style, but she and her grandmother were very close, so Gina does like the idea of commemorating her grandmother's memory at her wedding.



Can Kelly work it into something magical?

And can Sam manage Gina's entire family? Because they're all coming dress shopping. In addition to Gina's father, her sister Mary and mom Brenda are also entering the fray. Gina wants a dress with simple, clean lines and very little bling. Her dad definitely doesn't want her showing any skin, but come on--it's her wedding day. Still, Gina tries to respet his wishes, and opts for a ruched Casablanca gown with light rosettes on the train.

Meanwhile, Kelly works on updating Gina's grandmother's dress into something fresh and young. Does she pull it off?


Which dress would you pick?



If you chose the "Something New," give yourself a pat on the back -- so did Gina!

Tune in for next week's episode of Something Borrowed, Something New Friday at 10/9 c.

--Julie Gerstein

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