First Look: Sondra Celli Breaks Down Gypsy Sisters' Mellie's Wedding Gown


Wedding_dress_022713“Hellie” Mellie Stanley is the kind of girl who knows what she wants -- and not surprisingly, she wants everything bold, bright and leopard-printed when possible. The Gypsy Sisters star decided to go big for her custom-created Sondra Celli gown -- really big. Like 80 yards of ruffled satin organza big.

According to Celli, the elaborate gown weighed nearly 80 pounds (I'm sweating just thinking about it). The gown, made to Mellie's specifications, involved multiple petticoats, a blinged out bodice with keyhole cutouts and literally thousands of Swarovski crystals. And did we mention her veil? It was 30 feet long and edged in leopard print with crystal leopard pattern accents. And because this is Mellie we're talking about, she also wore a 14-inch crown.

What was it like for Sondra to work with Mellie? Well, we'll let her tell you: “Mellie is a very strong personality," she said. "She knows exactly what she wants. Her dream was to look like Barbie on her wedding day and that was pretty easy since Mellie has the perfect shape for that."

And what about the uh, non-traditional hot pink? "I think the wild colors and patterns were a perfect fit for a feisty, independent, no holds barred bride. What better color combination than ‘screaming hot’ pink forMellie’s explosive temper and ‘leopard print’ for her wild ways.”

Celli says that she went above and beyond for Mellie's dress design. “Gypsies tend to like the large hoop skirts on their dresses but I went huge with Mellie’s design. I actually had to construct a box big enough to ship the dress in!”

And how did the final product go over with Miss Mellie? "Mellie can go from quiet to explosive in less than 10 seconds," said Celli. "I was actually a bit concerned about what her reaction was going to be but, in the end, I think she felt pretty much like the Princess Barbie she wanted to be on her wedding day.”

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