"DC Cupcakes" Goes Colonial...and Country


Dc-cupcakes-404-blogBusiness mavens and sisters Katherine and Sophie are no strangers to a baking challenge. They've made the world's most gigantic cupcake. They've perfected the frosting swirl. And they've opened stores across the U.S.

But this Thursday (that's Valentine's Day, if you haven't checked your calendar!), they're going back in time to take on a task steeped in history. Katherine and Sophie travel to colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, where they make cupcakes from s-c-r-a-t-c-h. This means chopping firewood for the oven, gathering fresh eggs from the henhouse, and churning their own butter. These cupcakes are a real labor of love -- and in the end, will they even taste good?

Meanwhile, exploring Virginia's colonial roots isn't enough for the dynamic duo. They commit to making a giant pig for the Loudon County fair. Pigs are pink. And they're cute, right? This one is unlike anything you'll ever see, so tune in for the final results and to see what price this little piggie fetches at auction!

DC Cupcakes: County Fair airs Thursday, Feb. 14 at 7|6c. Read more from the sisters themselves in this all-new post over on the DC Cupcakes blog!

Photo credit: DCL

Watch a special sneak peek below!

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