Whose "Big Day" Is It?


Syttd-big-day-autumn-400x300If you've been watching the Say Yes to the Dress: The Big Day specials, then you're a fan of over-the-top, amazing weddings. We've seen Kelly's Marie Antoinette nuptials and Tiffany's perfectly pink ceremony and reception. The bridal spotlight hits Autumn Levine on February 1.

An attorney from Staten Island, Autumn describes her taste as "bling[y], over-the-top and sexy." She's marrying her college sweetheart, Sonny. They've been madly in love for years, but Autumn does admit to one aspect of Sonny's personality that drives her batty: He talks about himself in third person.

"I'm not most grooms," Sonny explains. He's the one who chose the couple's venue -- the second-largest castle in America -- and he sums up the theme as "super spectacular, bigger than anything." The couple is having a Jewish ceremony to honor Autumn's heritage and a Hindu ceremony to honor Sonny's. Of course, this means some pretty awesome wardrobe changes. Autumn will be wearing three incredible dresses on her wedding day.

But no matter what kind of budget you're working with, every girl gets the bridal blues. There's guest list drama. Worries about wedding-day weather. Trouble finding a dress that suits every bridesmaid. What's more, Sonny's attention to detail has Autumn questioning whose wedding it really is!

The way this savvy bride handles these problems is going to teach you a thing or two -- and you won't want to miss it. Watch Friday, Feb. 1 10|9c as Autumn and Sonny say "I do."

Autumn and Sonny attend a cake-tasting. Credit: DCL

UPDATE: Check out this special sneak peek of Autumn's Big Day

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