T-Boz Opens Up About Her Health, Chili -- And Why The Music Business "Sucks"


T-boz_012213Tonight is the season finale of Totally T-Boz, so we're excited to share an interview Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins recently did with The Hollywood Reporter where she opened up about some of the drama we've seen on the show.

Watkins admits that part of why she wanted to do the show was to illustrate that people with illnesses can still lead happy and fulfilling lives. Watkins was was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia when she was younger, and in 2009, she revealed that she'd been living with a non-cancerous brain tumor for several years. Watkins feels that appearing on Totally T-Boz has helped raise awareness about these issues. "I’ve received so many tweets and letters already about people who’ve come out about their brain tumor and asked me questions about it," she says. "Sickle-cell patients are happy that I spoke up about it, too. I’ve always been told even if you reach just one person, that’s better than nothing."

And what about the friction between her and former TLC member Chili over whether to tour or tape the show? "You will always have disagreements -- like with any family and friendship, you have to come to some type of agreement, or respectfully agree to disagree. She wants to tour until she’s 65, I don’t!" And, she clarifies, part of Watkins' reluctance has to do with her health. "I’m not going to break down my body or allow anyone to talk me into it for the sake of this business."

Even so, Totally T-Boz did see Watkins make a major move for her career. Watkins says she relocated from Atlanta to Los Angeles because she wanted to really move beyond being a musician and break into the entertainment business."I do a lot of other things behind the scenes, which I love doing, and a lot of the deals are made here in L.A."

Plus, Watkins admits, she's pretty fed up with the music industry."The record business sucks!" she says. Thanks to the proliferation of music online, "It’s never going to be the same," though she admits that rocketing to superstardom as artists like Adele, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry have done, is still possible.

And that's why she's focusing just as much as her behind the scenes work as she is on being in front of the camera. After all, she says, "What matters is, are you doing something of substance? What will you remember about me when I die? How will I leave my legacy? Did I make a change? Did I help anyone? Did I do something that has a purpose? I think about things like that."

[The Hollywood Reporter]

Don't miss the season finale of Totally T-Boz, Tuesday 8/7 c.

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