Uncover the “Secrets of a Trophy Wife”


It’s easy enough to spot a trophy wife in a crowd – she’s got the hot body and trendy clothes, and she’s manicured, groomed and coiffed to perfection. But do trophy wives think of themselves as, well, trophy wives? Uncover the drama of upper class with the TLC special “Secrets of a Trophy Wife.” These ladies of Southern California are proud of their labels Louis Vuitton, Dior and, yes, “trophy wife.”

“I’ve always thought of the term trophy wife as being something positive,” says Jennifer, 27, who has started her own bathing suit line, funded be her husband, Alki, 44. Alki and Jennifer have a motto, “happy wife, happy life.” This is why Alki has given her a "Black Card", an exclusive credit card that allows Jennifer to buy anything. (A "Black Card," is an exclusive credit card that is offered only to the most elite and high-earning spenders, and is usually by invitation only.)

This luxurious special follows the lifestyles of the socialites Leyla, a former model; Paula, CEO of her husband’s car company; Jennifer, bathing suit designer, and Simona, owner of a “match making” company.  These women are anything but idle, and you’ll want to see just what the term trophy wife means to each of them when the special airs Saturday, December 8 @ 10|9c!

--Alex Zuckerman

Meet the Trophy Wives


Leyla is a relative newlywed and pregnant with her first child.  Her husband, Manny, who she met on Facebook, owns a large commercial real estate company. Leyla’s the founder and CEO of Milani Hair, a company which produces top-of-the–line hair extensions.  Leyla’s goal is to turn the enterprise into a huge global brand.  Before becoming an entrepreneur, Leyla was best known as a former Deal or No Deal model (you may remember her as Lucky #13), where she appeared on more than 300 episodes of the hit game show.


Jennifer married her husband Alki last year, after a two-year-long engagement.  Alki proposed in Jennifer’s childhood bedroom and she went from living in her mother’s house in New York to running a multi-million dollar Beverly Hills estate almost overnight.  After many years as a model and fitness physique competitor, Jennifer launched her own swimwear line, Have Faith.


Engaged to successful property owner, Steve Berman, Marcela is a Latino firecracker.  Marcela moved to the United States from her native Buenos Aires, Argentina fifteen years ago.  She and Steve have been together for 3 and a half years. Marcela has an eleven-year-old son, Rodrigo, from a previous marriage and Steve has three sons.  Marcela has owned a spray tanning business called “Beyond Tan” for 5 years. 


Paula is married to car dealership owner, Tilo Steurer.  Both share an extreme passion for cars.  Paula owns her own PR firm, Sterling Public Relations.  Specializing within the luxury lifestyle sector, Sterling PR enjoys a reputation for their cutting edge approach to the world of publicity.  Paula is also Director of Marketing for Tilo’s business, Eurocar.


Simona Fusco was born in Milan, Italy. Even though she never yearned to become a model, she started modeling at the young age of 8. At 14, her parents moved to the U.S. where Simona continued her modeling career. At 20, she met and married producer Jay Bernstein.  The two eventually got divorced and Simona focused on her entertainment career. Recently, Simona has been focused on her own company, Perfect 12 Introductions, an exclusive, high-end matchmaking firm based in Beverly Hills, CA.

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