Turning Back Time with “Wives with Beehives”


31662_pilot_019For Dollie, the modern world looks confusing and scary, so she chooses to live her life in the 1950s. The only problem is, it’s actually 2012.

But Dollie is not the only one longing for a lifestyle from the past. Amber, Leslie and Shelby all share Dottie’s affinity for the 1950s. These women don’t just dress like they’re living in the ‘50s – they’re living a vintage lifestyle with ‘50s clothing, furniture, electronics and personalities.

These ladies prove that living like you’re in the 1950s can be done. Here are some tips for being a part of the Wives with Beehives group.

How to live a vintage lifestyle:

  1. It’s all about image. A vintage woman always has her hair done, is well-dressed and generally put together.
  2. A woman has her role as a homemaker. She makes sure the house is perfect when her husband arrives home from work.
  3. Family values are important to maintain.
  4. Every piece of furniture, from the sofa to the stove, should be from the 1950s.
  5. Per #4, this means you can’t own a dishwasher. You’re your own dishwasher!
  6. Don’t email – or even own a computer.
  7. Prepare for waistline adjustments. As Amber says, “After you get married, you get happy, and after you’re happy, you start eating.”
  8. Do have well-manicured nails.
  9. It’s OK to be like Leslie, the 1950s housewife who doesn’t cook. “I make nothing, I make reservations,” she says.
  10. Be creative with your style. Today’s average woman is larger than her 1950s counterpart; sometimes clothing can be hard to find.

--Alex Zuckerman

Watch Wives with Beehives, Thursday, December 27 at 10|9c on TLC.


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