Keeping Marriage In The Family: My Three Wives


Mythree_correctMarriage is hard enough between two people, but what happens when you marry your wife, her twin sister and their cousin? That's exactly what polygamist Joe Darger did, and his family's story will be told in the new TLC special My Three Wives.

Darger grew up with twin sisters Val and Vicki, and their cousin Alina. It was Vicki's mother -- who is also in a polygamist marriage -- that suggested the two try dating Joe at the same time. The courtship wasn't without drama, but the two women managed to make it work. Years later, after Val divorced her first husband, Vicki and Alina welcomed Val into the fold.

The union of three women and one man is certainly nontraditional, but the four say it works for them -- and their 24 children. Darger eventually wrote a book about the family's unique situation, titled Love Times Three.

In this special look into an alternative family, Joe and his wives must deal with the marriage of their daughter to a man interested in continuing the family's polygamist tradition.

Don't miss My Three Wives, airing Tuesday December 18.

--Julie Gerstein

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