Get Dressed: "What Not To Wear" Is Back This January -- With Tiffany!


Whatnottowear_120912_mLook out Fashion Victims, Stacy London and Clinton Kelly are back on the prowl, and they've got their eyes on you! The 10th season of one of our faves, What Not To Wear, returns this January, with a pop -- star, that is. Stacy, Clinton, makeup artist Carmindy and hairstylist Ted Gibson return with a major challenge on their hands, '80s teen pop star Tiffany, who is longing to shake her teen star style and get a grown up, sophisticated look.

And Tiffany is just the tip of the makeover iceberg. This season of What Not To Wear also features makeovers for Family Ties' Tina Yothers, American Pie's Shannon Elizabeth and Baywatch beauty Nicole Eggert. Stacy and Clinton also take on Tristen, a self-proclaimed Jersey girl who's sending out the wrong message to potential boyfriends with her skimpy outfits, and Casey, a transsexual who has been living as a woman for the past nine years, who's still searching for the perfect feminine wardrobe.

So don't miss this latest What Not To Wear installment: you never know when Stacy and Clinton will be at your door.

Catch the premiere of the 10th season of What Not To Wear Thursday, January 3 at 10/9 c.

--Julie Gerstein

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