7 Signs You're Probably A Neat Freak


Neatfreaks Did you catch the premiere of Neat Freaks last night? It got us thinking about whether or not we've got a cleaning problem. Check out our checklist and see if you're a neat freak, too.










  • You start to salivate when you see commercials for the latest vacuum cleaners.
  • You plan your weekend around organizing your kitchen cabinets.
  • When you're out at a restaurant or store, you wish they'd require everyone to take their shoes off, too.
  • You've stopped asking friends over because "they just mess everything up."
  • You consider shaving your kid's hair so they'd shed less.
  • Your favorite part of the day is doing the dishes.
  • You also clean your cleaning supplies.

    So are you a neat freak? Tell us in the comments!

    ––Julie Gerstein

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