6 More Shocking Revelations From The "Breaking Amish" Reunion


Breaking_amish_111912_mSunday night, part two of the Breaking Amish reunion aired. The cast -- Rebecca, Abe, Kate, Sabrina and Jeremiah, gathered round with host Michelle Beadle to futher discuss and dispell some of the rumors dug up during the course of the show. From marriages to police records, children and strippers, nothing was spared. Following are the top six most surprising revelations from the show.

Rebecca Has A Daughter, But Not Necessarily With Abe: Rebecca admitted that she has a 19-month-old daughter, but wouldn't admit whether Abe is the father. Rebecca claims that there are some legal issues that prevent her from speaking openly about the child. Abe and Rebecca did admit that they knew each other prior to filming; the pair lived in the same town and attended the same church.

The Cast Used Its Own Money To Fund Their Adventures (Mostly): While Breaking Amish producers Eric and Shannon Evangelista admitted that the cast stayed at the hotel free of charge, and were given a small stipend, the cast mostly used their own money during taping. Where'd they get the cash? From jobs in "English-owned" businesses they had before the show.
Abe Says The People Who Claim The Show Is Fake Are Friends With The Amish: The entire crew says that the anti-Breaking Amish are actually ex-Amish and friends of Amish. Abe says that the naysayers are just jealous of their fame and success.

Jeremiah Clears Up His Amish/English Past: Jeremiah says that he did grow up in the Amish community and says that "I grew up Amish and I did leave multiple times but went back."

And Jeremiah Denies His Ex Wife's Domestic Violence Claim He admits he spent three days in jail after the police were called to his house for domestic violence issue, but says the court threw out his ex-wife's case. He also admitted that his ex-wife may have spent a night or two at a battered women's shelter, but says that it was upon the advice of police that she do so. He also admits that he didn't pay child support in the past, but he is now. Jeremiah's temper during the segment seem to suggest that the story goes deeper.

Jeremiah Really Likes Saying "Do Your Homework": He said it, like, three times.

What was the most shocking moment of the Breaking Amish reunion for you?

--Julie Gerstein

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