Michelle Duggar Gets A Makeover, Isn't Impressed


Makeover_111312_mMichelle Duggar's been a little bit busy raising 19 kids, so it's understandable that she hasn't had much time to update her hairstyle. That's why on Tuesday night's episode, Michelle was treated to a speical hair makeover in honor of her 46th birthday. But did she love it? 

Well, no.

"Wow, it’s definitely different,” she said, after the stylist revealed her shorter, straightened hairstyle. Gone were her trademark curly waves and big bangs, replaced by a sleek and updated look. Michelle promised to “learn to love it,” but the romance between Michelle and her new hair was shortlived. By the end of the episode she was back to her old curly ways. 

It probably didn't help that her husband Jim Bob Duggar wasn't impressed, either: "I do like it longer," he said of his wife's shorter 'do.

Sometimes you just shouldn't mess with the original.

--Julie Gerstein

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