The 6 Most Shocking Revelations From Part One Of The "Breaking Amish" Reunion


Amish_111212_mThe first half of the Breaking Amish reunion aired Sunday, revealing what the Breaking Amish cast has been up to since filming. Host Michelle Beadle questioned Rebecca, Abe, Jeremiah, Sabrina and Kate about some of the most controversial moments of the show -- whether they liked it or not.

While the group admitted the filming was sometimes overwhelming and frustrating, they were a bit less forthcoming about some of the show's scandals. Nevertheless, here's the most shocking revelations from last night's reunion.

Sabrina revealed her eating disorder past: During the reunion, Sabrina admitted that several comments that Rebecca made about the way she ate stirred up old demons. Sabrina then revealed that she used to weigh more than 200 pounds and developed an eating disorder in order to shed the pounds. 

Kate (tried to) explain her witchcraft freak out: Sabrina admitted that the alleged "witchcraft" incident -- in which Sabrina said she woke up to Kate calling her a monster -- may have been a misunderstanding. Both Kate and Sabrina agree that part of Sabrina's recollection may have been foggy or incorrect. And either way, Kate said that the reason she became so distraught over Sabrina moving out of her room was because she truly loved Sabrina as a friend.

Sabrina and Jeremiah hooked up –– twice! The pair -- who are both dating other people now -- said the hook ups happened when they were both desperately drunk. And in Sabrina's words -- "he stuck it in, but I made him take it out." Thanks for that TMI, Sabrina. When asked if he had feelings for Sabrina, Jeremiah admitted that he once did but no longer does, and nobody believes that.

Rebecca still doesn't know exactly why her grandparents moved. But, she says they occasionally do talk. She is still shunned, though.

And Abe's mom was shunned for two months after appearing on camera. She currently has limited contact with Abe and his new wife, Rebecca, because her Amish community would prefer she not speak with them.

Things were tense between the host and cast. Okay, so that's not shocking, per se, but you could cut the tension between Michelle and Jeremiah with a knife!

Did you watch part one of the reunion? Tune in next Sunday at 10 pm E.T. for part two!

--Julie Gerstein

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