10 Questions We Want Answered During The "Breaking Amish" Reunion


If you've been watching Breaking Amish this season, then you know this show is all about major drama. The cast of four Amish twenty-somethings -- and one Mennonite -- who've decided to leave their traditional communities and try life on the outisde has it all: romance, strippers, tattoos and girls acting totally crazy. It's as action-packed as any soap opera -- only with an Amish bent. (Check out the must-see clip above of the upcoming reunion if you don't believe us).

Last week, TLC announced that it would be holding a two-part reunion show, so fans could catch up with what Abe, Rebecca, Sabrina, Kate and Jeremiah have been up to since the show originally taped. Have they had second thoughts about pursing "English" lives? Are their families still not speaking to them? And how's Abe and Rebecca's marriage going? Below, we've got our top ten questions we're hoping will be answered during the upcoming reunion.

And don't forget to tune in Sunday, November 11th at 10 PM (ET/PT) directly following the finale episode, and Sunday, November 18th at 10 PM (ET/PT).

What's the whole story behind Rebecca's dentures? It was revealed on the show that Rebecca had a full mouth of ill-fitting dentures, but we'd like to know what the frick really happened to her teeth in the first place.

What was really going on the night Kate accused Sabrina of witchcraft? Was Kate drunk? Sleep-deprived? Hallucinating? Just really hungry? Somebody tell us!

What's the story with Jeremiah's ex-wife? She's accused him of domestic violence. What does he have to say about that?

What really happened with Sabrina's marriage? Will her ex-husband make an appearance? She said she had married to her "best friend." Is he still in her life?

How's Kate's modeling career going? Has she made it, or has the industry totally defeated her?

Did Rebecca and Abe manage to find jobs? As Abe reiterates that he wants to marry Rebecca, Rebecca asks him how they're going to support themselves, and he doesn't quite answer the question. So Abe, Rebecca, how do you guys pay the rent?

What's Sabrina's relationship with her birth father like now? During "Breaking Amish," Sabrina completes her journey to find her birth father. So is he in her life now?

What's their favorite and least favorite ethnic food discovery? For real, did anybody give sushi another go?

What's the deal with Abe's brother? According to Abe, his brother has broken with Amish tradition by cutting his hair into a buzzcut, but he's not technically shunned -- we see him eat at the family dinner table with his mother and sisters.

What happened to Rebecca's grandpa? He just up and moved without telling her! Where'd he go? Has she talked to him since?

Got a question you're hoping the reunion will answer? Tell us in the comments!

--Julie Gerstein


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