"Half Ton Killer" Mayra Rosales Is No Longer A Half Ton


Mayra_101212_mEarlier this week, TLC aired The Half-Ton Killer, a documentary about Mayra Rosales of La Joya, Texas, who was falsely accused of crushing her 2-year-old nephew Eliseo to death.

Mayra says she was a thin child, but began eating in excess after her father left the family. She then developed an undiagnosed thyroid problem: eventually, her weight ballooned up to 1,100 and she became homebound. Mayra says that it was actually being arrested that was a turning point for her; when she realized 10 police officers were required to remove her from her house, she knew something had to change.

Rosales was eventually exonerated for her nephew's death -- it was later revealed her sister Jamie killed the child -- but transformed by the tragedy. Following her trial, she had two surgeries on her legs to remove growths, and currently lives in a Houston-area nursing home. She has lost an astounding 600 pounds. In an interview with Access Hollywood this week, Rosales said she sticks to a high protein, low carb diet. "No grease," she says. She also does one to two hours of physical therapy a day.

And as the weight comes off, she's learning tor readjust to living. “I’m learning to socialize again,” she said. “Now that I’m able to transfer to a wheelchair and I can go out, I can take a shower, and I’m able to go outside and enjoy a sunset, which I couldn’t do. Before, I was just in one position, all day, every day… I was alive before, but I didn’t have a life and now I do.”

As Rosales continues to lose weight, she'll also go through a gastric bypass. Her goal? To be able to get her arms around husband Bernie, who has been unable to visit her because of his immigration status. “We talk every night,” she said. “Even though he’s not with me at the moment, he’s still helping me.”


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