"My Giant Face Tumor" Makes Neurofibromatosis Personal


Face-tumorIn My Giant Face Tumor, TLC follows the stories of Ed and Aum, two people who live 8,000 miles apart but share a rare condition.

Neurofibromatosis causes tumors to grow uncontrollably along nerve shafts. Ed and Aum both have giant tumors taking over their faces. The tumors are so big, they're causing them to lose their eyesight, and they're eroding their skulls (see photo at right). What's more, functioning in society with their giant tumors is nearly impossible for Ed and Aum.

Dr. McKay McKinnon thinks their cases are treatable, even after Ed and Aum have been turned away by other doctors. The renowned cranio-facial surgeon prepares to operate on Ed and Aum as they struggle with other uncontrollable factors: medical insurance, weather and emotional upheaval.

Hear their harrowing stories as they seek life-changing surgeries. My Giant Face Tumor premieres Wednesday, Oct. 17 @ 9|8c.

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