The Michelle Duggar Of The Surrogate World: Woman Gives Birth To 13th Surrogate Child



Just like Michelle Duggar and Kelly Jo Bates, British woman Carole Horlock has experienced the miracle of birth multiple times. But unlike Michelle and Kelly Jo, she's not raising the kids she gives birth to. That's because Carole, 45, of Hertfordshire, England, is a surrogate mother. She's given birth to 14 kids in total -- two of her own and 12 surrogate children -- has another on the way. 


Carole's given birth to eight girls and 5 boys. And she's given birth all over the world -- her last three babies were triplets she gave birth to in Athens, Greece (their names are Panagiotis, Paraskevi and Helen). This latest baby is for a couple in Italy.

Carole began working as a surrogate in 1995, and says its the thrill of giving parents a special gift that keeps her motivated.

"They tell me I give them a precious gift and you can see the joy in their faces when they hold their baby for the first time. 'It's a highly charged, emotional moment. That's the reason I do it."

That, and the money. Carole typically makes between $20,000 and $30,000 per surrogacy. But it comes at a price: Carole's father no longer speaks to her because he feels that she's giving away his grandchildren. [Daily Mail]

--Julie Gerstein

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