Freddie Combs, Former TLC Star, Wows "X-Factor" Judges


Did one of the contestants on Thursday night's episode of "The X-Factor" look familiar to you? That might be because singing sensation Freddie Combs was once on TLC! In 2010, Freddie and his wife Kay appeared in a TLC special titled "Ton of Love." A year later, the couple came back and appeared in "Heavily Ever After: The Big Climb" which chronicled Freddie's ballooning weight, and the challenges he faced to overcome his size. (I totally remember watching Freddie painfully try to climb the stairs in his house.)


On Thursday night's episode of "The X-Factor," Freddie sang "Wind Beneath My Wings" and dedicated it to his wife. You won't believe what the judges thought ...

L.A. Reid, Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato and Britney Spears were absolutely floored by Freddie's performance. Britney said she was "shocked" and Simon noted "I don't think you deserve to be stuck in that chair ... I'll back you if you back yourself," before giving Freddie the nod to go through to the next round. 

"Receiving four yeses is more than just a stamp for my talent. It's a yes to my future, it's a yes to my health, and it's a yes to every single other person who've been bound and feels like their life is over and will never be any better," said Freddie "My biggest dream would be to give hope to people who are my size." We think you already have.

--Julie Gerstein

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