Competitive Cloggers Go Heel to Heel in "Down South Dance"


Down-south-dance-400x300In the South, clogging is a way of life -- and a hardcore sport where the best of the best get poached and traded.

Think of it as a high-octane version of tap-dance. Its competitors are fierce with rivalries that can turn into multigenerational blood feuds. Down South Dance, premiering Sept. 26 @ 11|10c, follows two teams of teen cloggers as they compete in the R2K Clogging Invitational.
The rivalry between teams Sapphire (Gaffney, SC) and Synergy (Cumming, GA) is anything but friendly. Coaches Chip Harrison and Sarah Darby agree on only one thing: No amount of training is too intense if it means winning.

Things are tense enough the week leading into the competition, but when Chip attempts to poach dancers from Sarah’s studio, the drama escalates -- drawing the mothers of the teen dancers into the crossfire. The coaches demand perfection from their dancers, while also throwing everything they have into their training. In the end, there can only be one winner.

Watch the rivalry unfold Wednesday, Sept. 26 @ 11|10 c.

Update: Check out these sneak peeks from the upcoming special!

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