5 Things You Can Do With An Unwanted Wedding Dress



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Perhaps you're no longer married and your wedding dress brings up painful memories of a failed relationship. Maybe you're not planning on having kids, or have no plans to pass your dress onto your children. Or maybe you're simply a total unsentimental weirdo who doesn't like clutter (we don't judge). Whatever the case, we've got ideas -- so many ideas! -- of what you can do with your unwanted, unneeded wedding dress.


Make Some Money: If you no longer want your dress, you can sell it to eager brides in a variety of online venues. Ebay will do the trick, sure, but if you want to get your dress in front of the perfect audience, you can try Bride to Bride Boutique, which allows users to sell their gently used bridal dresses (and other wedding-related ephemera) direct to customers. You can also use The Recycled Bride, which aims to reduce, reuse and recycle when it comes to weddings. 

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Donate It: You could drop your dress off at the local thrift store or Salvation Army. Or you donate your dress to a cause you feel particularly passionate about. Brides Against Breast Cancer accepts used gowns and sells them to raise funds for breast cancer victims and their families. To date, BABC has sold more than 50,000 gowns and raised more than $4 million dollars for the cause. How awesome is that? And Brides For A Cause sells gently used gowns to raise funds for Wish Upon A Wedding, a non-profit that provides dream weddings for couples facing life-threatening illnesses.

Alter It: If you'd like to wear your wedding dress again (without, you know, getting married), you can  easily alter a dress by raising the hem and dyeing the color. But if that's not extreme enough for you, you can have a tailor cut your dress into cute boudior pillows.

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Wear It For Halloween: Go as a runaway bride, or a Bridezilla (we're thinking a wedding dress plus a Godzilla monster head would do the trick).

Burn It: If you really feel you must, go for it. But do so in a fire-safe environment, okay?

What other things have you done with your old wedding (or bridesmaid) dress?

--Julie Gerstein

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