Popping Zits and Picking Scabs


Zit-popping and scab-picking are a full-blown addiction for me. I have done research on it and found out that it is called "dermatillomania" (a form of compulsive skin-picking), which is a rarer cousin of trichtillomania (compulsive hair-pulling). I constantly check my face in the mirror for zits whether I'm out in public or at home. When I do find one, I squeeze it and I don't care whether anyone's watching or not. I am jealous of my teenage brother because he has a lot of zits that I wish I could pop. I love everything about zits - the sight, the sound and the feelings, both physical and emotional. When the zits start to heal, I pick at the scabs. I like making myself bleed and feeling the blood and clear pus run down my face. Popping zits and picking scabs give me feelings of comfort, relief and satisfaction. I am more likely to do it when I am stressed out or bored. People tell me all the time that I am going to give myself scars, but I don't care. I just put on loads of makeup before I go out with my friends. I have also been told that I am at high risk for infections, including ones affecting the "danger triangle of the face" which could be fatal. These warnings have not phased me and I continue to pop and pick to my heart's content.

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