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Diamonds Are a Baker's Best Friend


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When Devorah wandered into Carlo's Bakery, she turned a lot of heads. As Buddy said, she was a real high-class looking lady. Plus, she came with a couple of guards. And not just that -- she also brought diamonds!

A socialite from Manhattan, Devorah was hosting a gala and wanted to serve her guests the most expensive cake ever made. The theme of the party was "Anything is Possible," and for her, it was possible to present a jaw-dropping cake covered in diamonds and precious jewels.

She wasn't kidding, either. Not only did she come wearing a $7 million necklace (her favorite accessory), her jeweler brough an assortment of other pieces and loose stones. In total, Buddy and his crew -- and his excited sisters -- were gasping over $30 million of glitz.

Even though Danny didn't get the concept of "socialite," he still helped the rest of the crew pull off this masterpiece. Buddy admitted it was a little "nerve-wracking" with a guard looking over his shoulder, but with that much money spread on his table, he got it. The guard wasn't too keen on seeing Buddy and his crew attach pricey stones with frosting and fondant, but how else were they going to stick?

When the cake was delivered, Devorah admitted she was on pins and needles. Would anything fall off the cake? Would everything arrive safely? And would her guests be impressed? The results were sparkly as diamonds: The cake arrived in one piece, and her guests were thrilled!

That's it for now! Cake Boss returns after the new year -- and we'll get more updated on the Carlo's Bakery renovations! For now, watch Next Great Baker on Mondays @ 9/8 c. for your frosting fix!

The socialite cake for Devorah (Credit: DCL)

Good, Clean Fun


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When Alex, the GM of Tide, asked Buddy to make a Tide cake to celebrate the brand's 65th anniversary, Buddy had a shocking confession. He's never used a washing machine before! Alex couldn't believe Buddy's never had to do laundry, but she didn't let that stand in the way of a tall order. She wanted a cake that looked like a washing machine -- and could spin!

Buddy did more than just that. The old-fashioned washing machine cake was framed in wood, then sculpted from Rice Krispies treats and sponge cake. Buddy Jr. came to the bakery to assist his dad put it together. They made sure the cake agitated like a real washing machine, and it even produced edible bubbles! When Buddy delivered it to the swing-themed party, he cut a rug on the dance floor, too. Good, clean fun -- Hoboken syle!

Another big cake in this episode was for a gender reveal party. Expectant parents Ruth and Dave came by Carlo's to order a special cake. They brought Buddy the baby's sonogram with the gender in a sealed envelope, and asked Buddy to make a cake that would reveal the gender.

Mom wanted a girl, and Dad wanted a boy. Buddy and Mary opened the envelope to discover that the baby was a girl -- and Buddy's team made a bright pink cake with a cute little baby's bum on top! At the gender reveal party, Ruth was thrilled and even Dave got into the spirit by changing into a pink shirt.

Buddy's Tide cake (Credit: DCL)

Buddy Doesn't Scare Too Easily


Cake-boss-431-coffin-cakeDid you miss the spooky Halloween episode? Get a glimpse of the vampires in this video. Watch exclusive webisodes here, and don't forget to rate Buddy's cakes!

Buddy's always joking about how weird Ralph is, so he wasn't too surprised when his friend Betty dropped by to request a coffin cake. Betty explained that she was becoming a vampire, and she wanted a cake to celebrate her new family.

A few caveats. The cake neeeded to drip blood. The corpse inside had to look like Danny. And Buddy was expected to deliver it at nighttime ... to a cemetery. Totally spooky, but Buddy claimed he doesn't scare too easily. After all, he's from Hoboken!

The team set to work building the coffin and the cake, as well as sculpting the body. Danny wasn't too pleased to be the model for the cake. Did he really have that big of a paunch? At least Ralph was generous with the hairline, Buddy pointed out.

Buddy called it his strangest delivery of all time. It was super dark and creepy in the cemetery, especially when all the vampires appeared. Buddy C looked a little scared, and they all watched as the vampires tore hungrily into the coffin cake.

Meanwhile, on a much lighter note, Buddy had another project at hand. Joe, a medical student, wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a cake -- and a proposal! His plan was to don scrubs and call his girlfriend into a surgery room. When the gurney was wheeled in, it would have a cake on it instead of a body. Buddy loved the plan; a little kooky, a lot romantic.

When he showed up with the cake (a big sheet cake covered in medical instruments and modeling chocolate likenesses of the couple), Joe was so nervous that Buddy offered to step in and help. He'd put on scrubs, too, and wheel in the cake so Joe could relax. "Dr. Valastro is in and ready for Operation Engagement," Buddy said. Of course, Joe's girlfriend accepted the proposal, and the moment was made even sweeter when everyone cut into the cake.

Congratulations to the happy couple -- and to Betty, the new vampire!

The coffin cake in the cemetery -- fake Danny resting peacefully inside! (Credit: DCL)

A Cursed Cake?


Cake-boss-430-jersey-devil-cakeGet your fill of Cake Boss after the show with our exclusive webisodes! Check back each week for new clips! And did you know you can see Buddy's cake sketches online -- and rate his creations?

Buddy modeled his business after his father's legacy, and he's always eager to try his family's favorite, old-school Italian recipes. In this episode, we saw the laborious process of making authentic spumoni. Whoa, is it a lot of work! Joe explained that it takes three days (THREE!!!) to make it. "This is the real deal," Buddy said. Boy, was it ever! With homemade ice cream and sponge cake -- and red and green cherries -- this is truly the quintessential Italian bakery treat.

And speaking of Buddy he making his presence known at Lackawanna? Pat and Doug, paranormal investigators, dropped by the bakery to request a cake that would lure the Jersey devil out of the forest.

The Jersey devil is part of Jersey lore -- and everybody knows about him! Buddy said he was a regular guy who become possessed by the devil, and turned into this horse-headed, goat-legged, snake-tailed, bat-winged THING. He didn't sound too nice, but Buddy thought a cake in the form of a she-devil might appeal to his male senses. Buddy put Ralph and Juan on the task because they've got "sick and twisted imaginations."

Meanwhile, Buddy was eager to scope out the corners of Lackawanna in search of a ghost. There'd been some strange noises and events there, and he wanted to know if it was haunted. "We come in peace," Mary said, as the group crept quietly into dark corners. The paranormal investigators shocked everyone when they said it was Buddy Senior in Lackawanna! Buddy wasn't entirely convinced of the ghost, but it was a touching moment, nonetheless.

Things weren't going too well with the devil cake. Was it cursed?! Ralph started to feel pretty sick and had to go home -- and when Buddy transported the cake to the forest, its wings fell off. Regardless, the ghost hunters were totally into it and incredibly impressed with the lady devil.

What did you think of the cake? Do you think the Jersey devil is real? Leave your comments below -- and get more Cake Boss on Facebook and Twitter!

The Jersey she-devil cake (Credit: DCL)

Race and Lace


Cake-boss-429-danica-cakeDid you miss this episode? Catch a sneak peek in this video of Buddy's meeting with Danica Patrick!

Racecar driver Danica Patrick turned to Buddy for some cake help this week. Her artist friend Michael Kalish created a big art installation to help support Danica's Chronic Obstruction Pulmonary Disease (COPD) charity, and she wanted to say thanks! Michael's installation was a United States map with pinwheels made of license plates. Pinwheels are a symbol for COPD because the disease causes people to lose lung function over time -- and healthy lungs are vital to making a pinwheel turn!

Buddy and Danica bonded in the bakery over some pinwheels made from pastry dough, crystal sugar and apricot filling. "You should eat one of these before every race," Buddy joked.

His plan for the COPD cake was a map of the U.S. covered in license plates with 24 pinwheels, representing the 24 million people who suffer from the disease. He also planned on a big tire in the center of the cake with a jumbo-sized pinwheel. And, of course, a racetrack around the cake with chocolate cars that really moved!

Danica and Michael couldn't have been more excited about the cake. Buddy raced Danica -- and he won! Congrats, Buddy!

But the racecar cake was only half of the action this week. The other big news was that Lisa was shopping for her vow renewal dress at Kleinfeld!

Randy Fenoli and consultant Christiane helped Lisa navigate the appointment. Lisa's sisters-in-law were a tough crowd, and while Lisa wanted to please them by trying on dresses they selected, she was also intent on finding her own bridal style. She was after a classic, romantic, sexy dress that flattered her figure.

After a few critiques from Buddy's sisters, Lisa said, "I'm scared to come out again!" But she got her nerve back when she saw how fantastic she looked in a certain lace dress. Ultimately, her big decision came down to this lace number and a similar satin one. She said yes to lace -- her first time wearing it!

If you can't get enough of the Kleinfeld fun, you've got to see these videos! See sister hijinks on the bridal floor and crossing into restricted territory. And if you know Buddy's sisters, you'll pass this quote quiz with flying colors! See Lisa in the dresses she tried on -- including her original dress!

As always, don't forget to rate the cakes and take a peek at Buddy's sketchbook!

The Danica Patrick racecar cake (Image: DCL)

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