Buddy Doesn't Scare Too Easily


Cake-boss-431-coffin-cakeDid you miss the spooky Halloween episode? Get a glimpse of the vampires in this video. Watch exclusive webisodes here, and don't forget to rate Buddy's cakes!

Buddy's always joking about how weird Ralph is, so he wasn't too surprised when his friend Betty dropped by to request a coffin cake. Betty explained that she was becoming a vampire, and she wanted a cake to celebrate her new family.

A few caveats. The cake neeeded to drip blood. The corpse inside had to look like Danny. And Buddy was expected to deliver it at nighttime ... to a cemetery. Totally spooky, but Buddy claimed he doesn't scare too easily. After all, he's from Hoboken!

The team set to work building the coffin and the cake, as well as sculpting the body. Danny wasn't too pleased to be the model for the cake. Did he really have that big of a paunch? At least Ralph was generous with the hairline, Buddy pointed out.

Buddy called it his strangest delivery of all time. It was super dark and creepy in the cemetery, especially when all the vampires appeared. Buddy C looked a little scared, and they all watched as the vampires tore hungrily into the coffin cake.

Meanwhile, on a much lighter note, Buddy had another project at hand. Joe, a medical student, wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a cake -- and a proposal! His plan was to don scrubs and call his girlfriend into a surgery room. When the gurney was wheeled in, it would have a cake on it instead of a body. Buddy loved the plan; a little kooky, a lot romantic.

When he showed up with the cake (a big sheet cake covered in medical instruments and modeling chocolate likenesses of the couple), Joe was so nervous that Buddy offered to step in and help. He'd put on scrubs, too, and wheel in the cake so Joe could relax. "Dr. Valastro is in and ready for Operation Engagement," Buddy said. Of course, Joe's girlfriend accepted the proposal, and the moment was made even sweeter when everyone cut into the cake.

Congratulations to the happy couple -- and to Betty, the new vampire!

The coffin cake in the cemetery -- fake Danny resting peacefully inside! (Credit: DCL)

We've Both Got Great Hair


Cake-boss-427-regis-kelly-cakeSee video of Regis at Carlo's and watch him attempt a real cake consultation with a bride!

Buddy's a huge fan of Regis Philbin, so he was thrilled to welcome him to Carlo's! Regis walked in yelling, "I want a cupcake, all I want is a cupcake!" But what he really wanted was to learn how to make a cake. Not just any cake -- a big Cake Boss cake.

Buddy was game for the challenge. He's got plenty of apprentices working under him at Carlo's. And, he saw a little something of himself in the TV veteran: "We've both got great hair," Buddy said. But there was no way he'd let Regis bake or decorate until he'd pranked somebody. (This is why we love Buddy!!)

Regis' appearance on Cake Boss called for Buddy to make a cameo on Live with Regis and Kelly. The crew was super stoked about meeting Kelly and showing her the special Regis and Kelly cake they'd made. Danny was shy around Kelly and definitely did not dress to impress -- he was in shorts!

Meanwhile, Maria, who's known as the Korean bride, came to Buddy for a very unusual wedding cake request. She wanted a cake to celebrate her 50th marriage, which would be taking place in New York.

An artist, Maria had been marrying people, things and animals all across the U.S. to make a statement about what it means to be married. She'd said "I do" to a horse and the Liberty Bell. So, Buddy and his team made her a gorgeous wedding cake with sculptures of all her grooms -- yes, including the horse and the bell.

When the team delivered it, cousin Anthony proposed! "I want to be No. 51" he said. But Maria was more interested in eating cake!

What did you think of the cakes from this episode? Be sure to take a peek at Buddy's sketchbook, and don't forget to rate them!

The Regis and Kelly cake (Image: DCL)

What Chicago/New York rivalry?


Watch the scene you didn't see in the show! Buddy visits Chicago and gets a grand tour from Joe Perillo.

There's no such thing as a Chicago/New York rivalry, Buddy insists -- at least, New Yorkers don't think so! This episode opened with Danny telling Buddy that there was a tough-lookin' guy outside in a serious car. It was Joe Perillo in a Rolls Royce. Buddy hopped in to take his very first ride in a Rolls.

Joe asked Buddy if he'd make him a cake to celebrate his Rolls Royce dealership in Chicago. The new dealership marked the return of Rolls Royce to Chicago after a decades-long absence. Joe asked for a cityscape of Chicago with the centerpiece of the cake being the Spirit of Ecstasy -- the blingy Rolls Royce hood ornament.

Not only did Buddy give Joe just that, he made the Spirit of Ecstasy rise from the cake with extra-special fireworks fanfare!

Meanwhile, the new delivery boy, Phil was about to get pranked. Buddy gave him a busted cake to delvier, and when he brought the mistake back to Carlo's, he got water dumped on his head. "Welcome to the bakery!" Buddy told him.

Kate and Dee got a special consultation with Buddy after they told Mary they were trying to become the first gay couple to tie the knot in the state of New York. They wanted a pretty traditional cake with their likenesses sculpted in fondant as the topper. Cousin Anthony delivered the cake for their midnight ceremony, and the brides loved it! See more of their story in this video!

In the comments below, welcome Phil to the bakery! And don't forget to rate the cakes!

The Wheel WILL Spin

Guess what you didn't see on TV? Buddy C driving cousin Anthony crazy at the fair! We've got a special online series of this babysitting job gone wrong. Watch Reluctant Babysitter, Fair Foul and Fear at the Fair for the WHOLE story!

When Buddy agreed to make a cake for Al Dorso Sr. to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Meadowlands State Fair, he didn't expect Mauro to make a big promise of his own. Al wanted a Ferris wheel featured prominently on the cake (it's the focal point of the fair!), and Mauro told him he could make it spin!

Despite his ambitions about the wheel on the cake, we learned that Mauro is actually afraid of riding the actual Ferris wheel. When the crew delivered the goods, poor Mauro got stuck riding the Ferris wheel and could barely hide his fear. At least the cake got rave reviews!

This massive cake represented everything there is to love about the fair. It had rides and people and games -- and thank goodness the crew could roll it out of Lackawanna instead of having to carry it through the delivery door of Carlo's.

Joey was making another special cake in this episode. He son Rob was accepted to Syracuse, and he wanted to celebrate his collegiate! Joey made a big cake with plenty of Syracuse orange and photos of Rob growing up -- along with a wrestler, since that's Rob's sport. Joey confessed that his time is pretty limited these days, working two jobs as a baker and a firefighter to support his family.

What did you think of the fair cake -- and what's your favorite ride at the fair? Leave your comments below, and don't forget to rate the cakes! See Buddy's sketchbook for the inspiration behind this cake and the others from season four!

Marriage and Museums


Catch this hilarious clip of Buddy C getting into buttercream! And see more great Cake Boss videos right here

It was a case of frilly vs. ferocious when Buddy and Buddy Jr. hit the museum to consult with their latest clients. The groom thought he'd be getting a standard wedding cake, but his fiancee had a trick up her sleeve! She asked for a special dinosaur wedding cake. Buddy was a little surprised that the couple was having their wedding at the museum instead of a reception hall; what a cool idea! (Get more ideas for unique reception venues from TLC Weddings right here.)

The dino was unbelievably cool -- and it even had Jersey roots because fossils from one had been dug up in Buddy's home state. Ralph took the lead on this cake, but Buddy did quality control by adding more lizardy scales to the dino.

Buddy was thinking about his own wedding in this episode. His 10-year anniversary with Lisa is quickly approaching, and he wanted to ask her to marry him again. See his thoughts in this video! How cute were Buddy's kids helping with the cupcake proposal? "Daddy, this is a lot of cupcakes!"

His kids weren't kidding -- they baked nearly 1,000 cupcakes to spell out "Marry Us?" and surprise Lisa. Buddy admitted he was a little nervous. We knew she'd say yes (and she did), but there's something a little nerve-wracking about any proposal. You can see pictures of Buddy and Lisa's first wedding and other familiar TLC faces in this wedding album!

What did you think of Buddy's proposal? Leave your comments below!

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