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Lisa-blog We're getting to know the ladies of Carlo's Bakery! Last week, we chatted with Buddy's wife, Lisa. And this week, we'll share the conversation we had with his sis, Lisa.

Here's just a taste of our conversation:

TLC: Did you ever envision Buddy's career taking off like it has -- your brother becoming the Cake Boss?
Lisa: I didn't envision it, but whatever Buddy puts his mind to, he accomplishes it. When he first started doing fondant and sugar flowers, it seemed so complicated. He did whatever he had to to learn and perfect it. My dad died just when fondant was coming out -- he'd just started working with it. So, my brother continued it, and it was so different from what we did. He worked with it and took classes and really took the time to perfect everything that he did. And he always wanted to take it one step further. Whatever was out, Buddy went one step beyond.

For the rest of our interview, follow this link to TLC Cooking!

Watch Buddy demonstrate some old-school techniques, and see him give a lesson in rose-making and get tips from flower pro Betty!

Buddy's sister, Lisa (Image courtesy: Lisa Gonzalez)

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