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[From the TLC Editors: You asked and Buddy’s answering. Today’s topics? How can we get our hands on a piece of a Carlo's cake? And what would Buddy do if he wasn't a master baker? Have a burning question for Buddy? Drop it in a comment below. In the meantime, check out these Cake Boss videos.]

TLC: Karen Blackburn asks, “Buddy what are the chances that you might consider opening a bakery in Beaufort, SC??? We are a beautiful little town, but so desperately in need of the wonderful pastries and creations one can find in an Italian bakery up North!!! Originally from the Bronx and yearning for some of that back home baking!!! Love the show, love your family, brings me back! Thanks!

Buddy: Thanks, Karen -- I'm currently building a 40-square-foot facility so I can ship my cakes all over the world. Opening other Carlo’s Bakeries? I don’t know if they’re in the cards cause I’m really busy. There’s a potential there, but I can’t say exactly when.

TLC: When will the new facility be done?

Buddy: I’m hoping it’ll be done by the end of the year. It will be part of Cake Boss, and it’ll be on the show. We’re just out of room here!

TLC: One of your fans, Nico, wants to know what you would do if you didn’t work at the bakery.

Buddy: Hey, Nico. You know that’s a tricky question, I get asked that a lot. Really, I can’t picture myself doing anything else. I’m one of the luckiest people in the world because I found something that makes me happy. Let me tell you, dead serious, there are days when I have to deal with some stuff. You know what I mean? Do this and do that. And I just say, “I just need to go make a cake.” And I can fall into my cake and forget all my problems. It’s almost an escape sometimes.

(The new 40-square-foot Cake Boss facility should be able to easily accommodate giant cakes like the race car and aquarium cake, pictured here. Which makes us wonder what kind of behemoth cakes Buddy will dream up next.  Image credit: DCL.)

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