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Jill S: My daughter and I watch your show all the time. She has designed her 9th birthday cake and expects me to take it on. She wants a peace sign cake made with tie-dye fondant like you made. Any suggestions for an amateur? I'd really appreciate it. I've made her cakes in the past, like Elmo, Shrek, and a castle.

Buddy: Basically what you got to do is get different colors of fondant that you want and then roll them out into little logs and then twist them all together -- and keep twisting it with your hand. Then just knead it a little bit. But you can’t over-knead it. Just knead it six or seven times.

After that cut it in half down the middle and flatten it out and then roll it into a tie-dye pattern or marble or whatever you want to do.

To do the peace sign she’ll have to make a template and then cut it out of fondant -- [she can use] cardboard or a paper template.

It’s harder than it sounds though (laughs).


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