What’s Buddy’s favorite cake of the season?


[When you think of Buddy, Jacques Cousteau doesn’t necessarily come to mind. But Buddy donned a wet suit to get close to some of nature’s fiercest creatures: sharks. Check out this video of Buddy swimming with the sharks. What do you think Buddy’s next adventure should be? If you’re in the neighborhood, visit Buddy at Facebook and Twitter.]

TLC: What was your experience like at the Adventure Aquarium?

Buddy: I swam with sharks. That was pretty cool. I ain’t gonna lie, I was a little scared. 

TLC: Did they give you any assurances?   

Buddy: Yeah, they did. But you know, even when somebody tells you that [everything will be OK] and there’s shark swimming around ya, you know you really are a little bit more alert, you know? 

But that [aquarium] cake is actually one of my favorite cakes of the season because I put a fish tank in a cake with a live fish.  And I used so many different techniques.  And, you know, when you look from the fish tank through the cake, it looks like it was built inside the fish tank.  It was so cool. And then, you know it had that backdrop -- it looked the fish were swimming on my sugar coral reefs. 

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