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When Devorah wandered into Carlo's Bakery, she turned a lot of heads. As Buddy said, she was a real high-class looking lady. Plus, she came with a couple of guards. And not just that -- she also brought diamonds!

A socialite from Manhattan, Devorah was hosting a gala and wanted to serve her guests the most expensive cake ever made. The theme of the party was "Anything is Possible," and for her, it was possible to present a jaw-dropping cake covered in diamonds and precious jewels.

She wasn't kidding, either. Not only did she come wearing a $7 million necklace (her favorite accessory), her jeweler brough an assortment of other pieces and loose stones. In total, Buddy and his crew -- and his excited sisters -- were gasping over $30 million of glitz.

Even though Danny didn't get the concept of "socialite," he still helped the rest of the crew pull off this masterpiece. Buddy admitted it was a little "nerve-wracking" with a guard looking over his shoulder, but with that much money spread on his table, he got it. The guard wasn't too keen on seeing Buddy and his crew attach pricey stones with frosting and fondant, but how else were they going to stick?

When the cake was delivered, Devorah admitted she was on pins and needles. Would anything fall off the cake? Would everything arrive safely? And would her guests be impressed? The results were sparkly as diamonds: The cake arrived in one piece, and her guests were thrilled!

That's it for now! Cake Boss returns after the new year -- and we'll get more updated on the Carlo's Bakery renovations! For now, watch Next Great Baker on Mondays @ 9/8 c. for your frosting fix!

The socialite cake for Devorah (Credit: DCL)

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