Janelle Brown: Falling Out of Bad Habits


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05-janelle-weight-loss-blogJanelle Brown of Sister Wives is Kody's second wife. Follow along on her journey forward to weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

We have such triggers for certain food experiences, don’t you think? I’ve realized for me, when fall arrives and the sunlight begins to change I automatically think about fall baking. This happens to me every year. I am beginning to wonder if it is some sort of genetically programmed instinct to provide food for the cold months distorted through a modern lens! It seems that as soon as pumpkin spice anything hits the commercial market, I struggle to keep from baking up a storm. But with my current efforts to change my lifestyle (and my family’s), baking lots of sugar- and flour-laden goodies just doesn’t fit into the program.

I am trying hard to redefine the relationship between food and events, whether it be seasons or holidays, that is established in my head. I know it’s possible because I have finally learned the value of brewing a cup of hot tea and relaxing for a minute to re-group when I am so stressed I don’t know up from down, versus throwing food mindlessly into my mouth. (I always secretly wondered about women who did this and thought they were just pretending to be sophisticated!)

With the post-summer slow-down and many of the holiday food cues starting to show up, I am even more determined to find alternate, and just as satisfying, ways to enjoy the moment – other than my traditional go-to of putting something yummy in my mouth. I’m working hard to identify and change the very deep, long-established traditions I hold surrounding food.

Are these traditions all bad? Absolutely not, but the way that I have indulged them is what I am interested in changing. I still plan on enjoying the food at holiday celebrations, but I need to find healthier alternatives to noshing my way through the fall and winter.

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