Janelle Brown: 1 + 2 Does Not Always Equal 3 When It Comes to Weight Loss


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Janelle Brown of Sister Wives is Kody's second wife. Follow along on her journey forward to weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

I sometimes feel like a very square peg trying to fit into the proverbial round hole when it comes to my dieting.  I do everything right and still feel my body fights me, refusing to let go of the weight.  Or at best, grudgingly giving me a pound or two every month.

When I compare myself to my friends and even my sister wives, I could lose hope. One of my family members, for example, can cut her carbs, work out and her body quickly changes. I do the same and things still move along at their molasses-style pace. I think I have for many years felt like there must be something wrong with me, like I still was too lazy. But I am realizing that it may be really rare for any one diet to work well for every woman and, for some of us, no “over the counter” diet will be very effective in the long run. 

We have long embraced and cherished that each one of us individually has uniqueness and worth, so what I’m saying is that we should apply that same mindset in our nutrition planning. No, I’m not saying don’t keep trying.  What I am suggesting is to find a basic template that works for you -- for example, the Paleo approach works well for me -- but then pay attention to your body. I am convinced we know ourselves better than we think we do.

Then experiment. Pay attention to how different foods make you feel, watch for carb sensitivities but also don’t rule out food allergies. I am finding for me that food allergy doesn’t always look extreme. It isn’t always the sick stomach I get from drinking milk. In fact, some food allergies can show up as a weight stall or even a gain on the scale for me. Watch how different workouts affect or don’t affect you.  Hybridize your plan, make it fit you. You are smart -- you’ve got this!

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