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05-janelle-weight-loss-blogJanelle Brown of Sister Wives is Kody's second wife. Follow along on her journey forward to weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

I have something to confess  -- I haven’t worked out in almost two weeks.  I really debated even telling everyone, but in the end I learned something very important.  I FEEL LIKE CRUD when I don’t work out!  Things were crazy, I had huge, big projects all burning at the three-alarm-fire stage. I woke up in the morning, sat down at the computer and just found excuses all day long. 

The first thing I noticed, besides having zero energy, was that my legs and hips were aching. They felt stiff and like they perpetually needed to be stretched. Days went by and some of my old aches and pains started to come back. I have this one hip that has never been the same since my son Gabriel was born. It used to just give out on me when I’d be standing in the kitchen, or anywhere for that matter, causing me to lose my balance. This was one of the things that quickly fixed itself when I truly became active. So it scared me the day my hip gave out on me again. I began to worry. Visions of an old woman with a hip replacement floated in the periphery of my mind. I soon got over myself and how busy I perceived I was and made the gym the priority again. It took me a week, a whole stinking week, under Sean’s guidance, to get it back to what I would consider a functional level again.

And then it dawned on me: Taking into account my age, being in my 40s, and starting to enter a different stage in my life, it is absolutely imperative that I stay active to remain active. In no way am I ready to suddenly be bound to a rocking chair in 20 years. I feel as if I am JUST beginning to get my life back after all the years of inactivity. I want to be like my grandmothers who were all active and sharp into their 90s -- one of whom square danced into her 70s.

So if I needed another motivation beyond the myriad that I have already discovered, I have it. It is now very real to me that I need to exercise to circumvent debilitation. There is no fountain of youth for sure, but I am going to do everything in my power to look for it through exercise.

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